Stadium Saints - G ...The Foray Forward

(Please read the brief Introduction if you are not familiar with the flow of this series.)

Silently and slowly the Groom glides through the Stadium gates. No one notices except those already dressed as wedding guests who faithfully follow.

No one talks. The sadness of the Groom is so clear. His presence is not observed, and consequently his absence will bring no sadness. There are those celebrating the victory of immorality who are as equally enthusiastic as those who continue to cleanse the words on the blood-stained cross, neither of whom observe the Groom's departure.

Pride, avarice, and ritual beam from ear to ear. Self-satisfied they high five each other and slap each other's back - finally in the absence of the Righteous One there is no impediment to their evil intentions.

Tolerance and theology expand their chests with heads held erect, buoyed with the euphoria of pride.

By now the entire wedding party have departed the Stadium. Standing beside and behind the Groom (none would dare stand in front of Him) their eyes engage an entirely new unseen world. This world maybe new to them but its activity is as ancient as the busyness within the Stadium.

It is not long before they realise that outside the Stadium this world is completely void of Christian religious sign posts. The Groom and His bride both muse. There are no stained glass windows dancing with sunlight, no crucifixes of a tortured Christ and no empty crosses of a lost suffering. There are no church streets, mausoleums to worship, clergy's anachronistic processions or bell ringing.

Both the Groom and the wedding party stand still carefully taking in all that their eyes permit. They see false religion and not the true religion conducted falsely. (John 4:26)

They ponder with deep sadness the devotion shown to falsehood and darkness that is so rarely (if ever) given to truth and light.

Yet as they stand people bump into them. In the pace of life these people can find time to stop (albeit briefly) and engage in a respectful interchange. Some even look the Groom in the eyes and smile responsively but they will keep moving. Nevertheless the Groom smiles for at least He knows that people outside the Stadium can see and respond to him.

The Observer wipes tears and soothes His anger as he witnesses the Groom's smile. The Groom intuitively knows that among these pagans, the irreligious and the ignorant, He will no longer need to shake the dust from his feet, for some of them will invite Him home.

In these homes and on their chairs He will share meals and beam light into their darkness. This they will welcome. The Groom turns and sees the faithful wedding party eager for both His embrace and instruction. One by one He calls each one by name, holds them in His arms of heavenly love and with a divine kiss sends them out to do as He would do. None will ever return to the Stadium for the harvest is far greater outside. Yet a handful the Groom invites to remain with Him. He too adores their company for they are the ones He calls out to sit at His feet.

14th Dec 1010    Luke 9, 10:38-42, 17:1-10

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