The Spirit's Rain

The Lord said to me:

Land for lack of water is parched. The soul of My army is withered and dry. My army is encamped in a ravine that defies rain and shelters it from My Son's goodness.

The ravine has high cliffs, difficult to scale that also secure it from the enemy. No enemy or no rain can touch My army yet it will not move.

Comfortable in its safety and blind to its thirst, it remains untouched and unsullied. This army now carries no armour, knows no faith and fears no death, it doesn't need to - it is safe.

Yet I am about to shake my army, dismantling their tents and removing them from their ravine. A blazing furnace of fire will mount this ravine and My army will flee scorched, into My rain.

My cleansing fire will drive My army to positions of vulnerability, destroy their complacency and remove their comfort. Then in the light of My Son, My spirit's rain will fall on them. Their souls will again flourish so they will delight in fighting for Me. They will no longer remain hidden.

The ravine is the halls of learning. The protective canopy shadowing these halls is the disbelief in My contemporary supernatural intentions and activity.

Yet to all who flee the coming cleansing inferno I will drench in the rain of My Holy Spirit -- turning brown into green, the weak into the strong and the fearful into the brave.

I have countless battles to still wage in this war I have already won. To My army, to My Church this is My call to action. Flee the coming fire and enjoy My soothing rain.

To him who has an ear let him hear.

February 22nd 2011                                                              Jeremiah 42:3

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