The Princes of Israel

And the good Lord said to me:

Take up a lament concerning my princes - they have grown fat on their knowledge about Me, they have leant upon their own skills, searched their own wisdom and graced their brothers.They have not sought Me with all their heart, mind and soul. I am neglected in their heart, absent from their presence and their souls are in poverty. Oh, if they would only turn from their ways, seek Me, fall upon their knees and delight in Me -- I would rise up from my throne, throw heaven's beams of faith to them, heal all their ways and they would receive my love so much more. If they refuse and remain indulgent I will pour out my cup of judgement and water them with my wrath.

This I have spoken, he who has an ear let him hear.

July 22nd 2011                                        Ezekiel 19:1

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