Stadium Saints - B ... The Mausloeum

(Please read the brief Introduction if you are not familiar with the flow of this series.)

Pensively the Groom shuffles, head looking towards the Stadium's exit. Countless numbers swarm by Him, around Him and past Him. Usually He is unnoticed, even when in their busy-ness they bump into Him. In such a chance meeting they would ignorantly miss all in their hurry. In fact many are so watchful to their busy-ness that they even plan to avoid this luckless present Groom.

The Groom's long gaze takes Him to an elderly monolith near the gates to the Stadium. This locked ancient building has only a handful of devotees gathered around it, devotedly waiting to enter.

The large majority of those flowing in and around the Stadium wander by this anachronism to worship, with an impressive disinterest. Some of the historically minded feted the grand architecture and the stonemasons' skills. When possible these people would enter in awe, then stand and gaze for unusual lengths of time. Intelligent musings, and historical reflections would randomly punctuate the enduring cold silence. Knowledge of the idols, the relics and then traditions now provide a great opportunity for self-display.

All these the Groom so sadly observes. As with those who continually cleanse the blood stained cross. This despairing Groom is rarely seen, let alone spoken to.

The doors still glide (a testimony to bygone craftsmanship) as they are opened by a sombre looking gent. The faithful few silently enter this visible and clear window to yesterday.

Inside this impressive building, activity is often occupied in things about the Groom. There were even specified locations to remember His various trials. They routinely read age worn pages from a flesh inspired book most repetitively, believing that to be worship.

Moving unseen is the mingling evil they had long stopped believing in, hurtfully nudging those there. Secure in their history, oblivious to their present and ignorant to their parlous future they sat.

Observing the Groom's sullenness and the ancient pantomime the spectator continues to benefit from his lofty vantage point. The visibilty that the spectator enjoys, suspended so high presents him with an unchallengeable and correct understanding.

The activity within this mausoleum to worship is far less frenetic than those gathered around the altar cross. There was no blood present, and none removed.

In fact the dedication to flower arranging and the fidelity to approved gestures and positions mitigate against constructive engagement at all. The elegant robes with their bright seasonal adornments splash colour and ceremony before the handful present.

Bread is broken, wine or juice drunk and special words carefully spoken. This refreshing ritual, people queued silently and respectfully for. Both the priest and the participants well satisfied with their consciences assuaged as it concludes. Satisfied now in the supernatural they return to their seat confident in their restored correctness.

Pride too has stood regally near the head of the queue, it was welcome at this altar. Lonely Knowledge stands aside displaced by Repetition, the handmaiden to Ritual.

Long ago Mercy, Justice, Righteousness and Grace had fled. Righteousness and Justice had received a double ostracism.

Mingling unseen is Division and Ill Will covered in the sheep's clothing of correctness and right order. As always these two are intent on devouring.

Sin was dressed as Mercy, and False Belief wore the mantle of Grace. The ostracism of Righteousness had hurt the Groom even more deeply. Activity had now captured their attention - Ritual led while Relationship remained absent.

Soon each partcipant will leave this ancient monument to the Ancient of Days and quickly exit the Stadium. They will walk near, totally unaware of the crestfallen Groom. Although curiously, they would observe those seated near him. Consumed in rushing to their daily drudgeries and routines, He is never going to be noticed.

In this race they obliviously bump and have collisions. Rage, Envy and Condemnation are unwittingly glanced with some part of their body. Some even have particularly large collisions with Accusation. Others trip over ambition and elbow Avarice. Some even joyously cuddle Resentment standing so attractively before them. As yet none feel pain, but they will give it.

The more capable construct idols. Miraculously they have escaped the Ill Will that collided with their friends. Financial portfolios, real estate, and trade the focus of these merchants. Quickly Ritual is forgotten, riches now their near omnipresent goal. This they believe is wisdom (but they had really bumped into Greed).

As the calendar rotates through its weekly cycle Ritual accompanied by Pride returns with a punctual pleasure. With the unstoppable regularity of the tide it would be enjoyed and with equal devotion the tearful Groom is ignored.

Both Pride and Ritual had been remarkably successful in preventing these devotees from seeing His presence and learning His good intentions for them.

Outside these finely crafted walls, life's normal intercourse continues. People move in and out of the open stadium gates and the spectator observes so carefully, yet without action.

Jer 7:11, 9:24       March 30th 09

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