On Eagles' Wings - A

Look, an eagle is swooping down intent on doing, even exacting God's bidding.

This regent of the skies is at God's command, flying in faithfulness with an unassailed power.

His divine mission of judgement is also the mission of righteousness. He is delivering God's justice and mercy to where they are absent.

There is no containing an eagle. No creature of the skies can harness it. It is a wild bird of immense will, strength and capability. Its victories are as assured as God's intentions are guaranteed. No other bird dare challenge the eagle, nor should it.

Riding upon the earth's rising air currents, effortlessly it soars across the domains that God has charged it with. Gripped in a talon are the fires of heaven soon to be released upon the unsuspecting and the sinful.

God's glory will be seen in the heavens and His will felt upon the earth.

This eagle will deliver both destruction and delight. From one talon the wicked will reap judgement and from the other talon the forgiven will receive righteousness.

As it wings its way across terra firma eyes will gaze upwards in wonderment, yet neither its purpose and strength nor their destiny that it brings will they appreciate.

As with the bear, the lion and the snake, some will bow down to worship it. Others will see it as a target for sport but few will see it as an instrument of God. Flying with both judgement and righteousness as it cargo, secure in each talon, no-one will escape and no-one will elude it who are in its domain.

Eagles bearing gifts are the work of heaven. The work of earth is preparation. No prisoners are taken.


28th June 2010 Jer 48:40 / Mt 25: 1-13/ Rev 8:5

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