Of Punctuation and Peace

God is reversing the walk of the lost, the least, the last and the lonely. He sees their rejection , feels their alienation and still weeps their tears. He has witnessed their injustice, knows their dishonor and shares their pain.

It was never His intention that they should be harmed or hurt. His greatest desire is for their healing. The healing of the nations is from the hope of heaven.

Heaven is no longer torn by war or assailed by pride. Heaven is the place of refuge, the home of harmony and the dwelling of love and light. In it no evil is found. It is the place where the lost, the least, the last and the lonely are loved. They are loved regardless of their performance, regardless of their success and without any earthly measuring tool. Heaven simply claims, indeed bellows - THEY ARE MINE!

The Holy Spirit of Hope is flowing - He is pouring His life-giving water into arid souls, across clouded minds and upon pierced spirits. Punctuated lives are being replaced by peaceful lives. This is His intention, these are His actions.

Let Him who can hear, hear for this is the word of the Lord.


Is 55:13a 23rd March 2011

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