Of Delight and Death

Naively they strode towards the dragon's lair. It was well lit, warm and very inviting. Chatting aimlessly they enjoyed the atmosphere and the friendly reception. No bouncers here, all were wanted to enter.

Only a few steps had been taken before a pleasant and personal welcome was received. Curiously the welcomer had an especially warm breath as he promised so much more within.

They had not planned their entry, nor had they even known of this venue only five minutes previously. A late stroll down a new block had caused them to stumble upon these premises. The foyer invited, the doorman beckoned and the entrance was wide. Muted voices of happiness lightly reached the entrance doors and drew them in.

Without realizing it, they had soon left the doorway well behind. In fact, if they had cared to turn around, it was now out of sight.

As they progressed deeper they barely noticed the signs of ill-health. They innocently reflected that this venue was simply too pleasing to be concerned about trivialities.

The laughter grew louder, the hospitality more frequent and the responsive smiles multiplied across the eyes they met. Their spirits began to sense an increasing dis-ease but their mind and body simply dismissed their spirit.

Soon an arm reached out to them, another hand tapped their shoulders and even an unsolicited re-assuring embrace was received. Approval was everywhere.

The deeper they walked, the thicker the gathering grew. A bump here and a jostle there was becoming inevitable. Their spirits continually grew uncomfortable. Still their mind and body were soaking in affirmation, acceptance and even affection.

The further they jostled (for it was no longer an unhindered walk) the more the couple felt the approval of the masses. Now they were sufficiently close to observe that all were staring upwards with necks craned.

Hovering above them all was a dragon. It had fierce eyes but a warm breath. (Somehow that felt familiar to them). No-one was seeking its eyes, but all sought the warm and comfortable plume of breath.

Suddenly their spirit arose and called for them to flee. They looked around, but were now hemmed in because of so many more advancing towards the dragon's seductive warmth.

At unknown and random intervals the dragon's enticing breath would become super-heated flames. These flames instantly devoured all those within reach. Those it didn't touch only felt the inviting warmth. The throng was so engaged with the dragon, they were blinded to the instant loss.

The dragon had no shortage of attention or victims, for people walked towards it with a naive and deadly abandon.

The couple screamed, realizing their plight. No-one heard. No-one except the dragon understood. It smiled. The dragon knew these Christians were next.

Responding in absolute terror they turned and cried to the heavens.  Instantly they were lifted upon invisible hands, whisked out of the dragon's reach. (Without even noticing the miraculous disppearance immediately another two stepped into their place, soon to be devoured).

The seduction had been clever but His angels had been successful.

The delight of the journey is no guarantor of the quality of the destination.


25th May 2010  - Ps 91:12/ Is 26:1b / Mt 7:13-14

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