The Fireplace of Cleansing - Part A


The year of punishment is arriving, no escape is possible and captives will not be taken. There is an end to this judgement. The judgement will be swift and furious, like a wildfire through the nations. To those who have ears let them hear.

Escape is impossible, bend the knee for the wildfire approaches. It is savage and all consuming. It rages as an angry lion and has the deafening roar of an impending catastrophe.

No intervention or skill of man can predict its path. It is relentless in its progress and thorough in its scouring. Yet this wildfire will produce new life. New buds will appear on branches and seed pods left behind in its wake will burst forth with new life. Scorched trunks and limbs will be renewed. The land will be cleansed. No detritus, camouflage or litter will remain. Only the land of a heavenly catharsis will bloom.

A land rich in love, delightful in goodwill and golden in grace will emerge. Mercy will be alive, the music of righteousness will be played and heard on each street corner. Injustice will be no more.

The hearts that delighted in rituals will be scorched and again invited into relationship as the Groom's bride.

The wildfire of the Spirit is now active to cleanse the souls of the saints, for judgement begins with His church.

The fire that will cleanse the earth first begins with His church. His church is the fireplace of cleansing. It begins among the driving stones of religions and builds until it becomes the flame that alights the world.

The bricks of religion will be no more. The hands of ill-health will become stumps with the gates and doors of the hallowed mausoleums closed forever.

This wildfire of cleansing is kindled on the altars, it is fed from the cedar pews and is the signal to the world -- the warning of Heaven's impending intentions for all to see, but who will understand?

As the fall begins for the northern hemisphere so too for His church.

Sept 1st 2010 - Jer 48:40-46

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