The Groom's Wine

Old wineskins cannot contain new wineskins. New wineskins will cause old wineskins to burst and no old wineskin desires the destruction that new wine will deliver to them.

Yet still God's Church, Christ's bride, His people try to pour new wine into old wineskins. These wineskins are sad, tired and weary -- they are lifeless, old and fragile.

God knows that the old wineskin cannot contain the new wine. Yet God's chosen ones, the new wine, fear the assault of old wineskins. They reel at the thought of the disapproval from what has already been -- those who will not venture in faith to create new wineskins to hold His new wine.

Christ's bride attempts to serve new wine from old wineskins. The old wine skins split and the new wine is spilt, now valueless, having failed in its intended purpose with division aplenty.

A saddened Groom witnesses the wasted wine and regrets the fractured old wineskins.

His desire is to move on with the new wine while not hurting the old wineskins.

Today is the day of new wine, tomorrow will be its joy but yesterday belonged to the old wine and wineskins

Behold I make all things new.

10 January 2011

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