Of Life and Loss

The trek through life will always lead to intersections. Each intersection will point to opposing destinations, for if they were not divergent there would be no intersection.

Beyond the intersection on a path untravelled, no one can discern if adventure or misadventure awaits on their chosen path.

It is at the intersection the signs must be carefully read. Carried along upon the correctness of their decision making, the trekker could be easily misled if all the signs are not considered with care. Signs may even indicate a path of delight or a path of desperation.

Awaiting each trekker are warning signs. Some signs are wilfully rushed past as the trekker is cock-sure in their direction and abilities. Others sagely linger at the intersection and consider; some even stoop in prayer to He who lives above and who has placed the signs there. Each trekker then establishes their new direction and destination according to the attention they have given the signs.

Both the Sage and the Silly may end up on the same path but they will never arrive at the same destination.

Catapulting with a reckless abandon down the chosen path the Silly pursue their judgement, some will realise their lack of wisdom, others will remain blindly proud. Regret will have become the chosen path for them both, but only one will be able to change direction or complete the path.

The Sage who started with diligent prayer and careful sign reading, deliberately and carefully overtook the Silly who had found the path too rocky, too narrow, too lonely and the native fauna too threatening. The Silly had stopped. They will retrace their steps, travelling again over their foolishness. They have little heart to advance only to retreat.

Returning to the previous intersection they stop and rest. The Silly must recuperate from their ill-judged ordeal. Unwittingly they choose a low sign to rest upon. This sign they fail to read, but gladly it supports them. If they had been humble enough to kneel at this low sign (it was easy to overlook) they would have seen the path they had returned from was to a destination called Life. On the same sign but pointing in the opposite direction was an arrow marking the alternate destination, Loss.

As Silly sat on the directions to Life, they vacantly scanned the countryside. Silly also thought on their self-covenant to never traverse that path to Life again. In this fleeting moment of self-reflection (almost humility), they considered their impulsiveness which had led them down the rocky and narrow path to Life. Looking up they saw afresh a well formed, wide and even pavement. It was not lonely. They arose refreshed with this vision and trekked again. Should Silly have knelt to pray they would have easily understood the destination they were now headed in.

Silly had now replaced impulsiveness with ease, but both still lead to Loss.

Silly had judged the quality of the destination by the quality of the path.

The quality of the path is no indicator nor guarantor of the quality of the destination.

18th May 2010 .. Matt 7:13-14

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