Humble rubble

And the Lord said to me:

I am kindling a fire among you for your detestable practices that honor your pride, stroke your learning and water your arrogance.

When have you humbled yourself before your brothers and before Me?

When have you sought justice above self-preservation and protected the needy?

When have you graced the broken-hearted with love and loved the despised?

When have you fed the hungry and honored those of low position?

You call Me 'Lord', but in your heart you still rule, but this you WILL learn - it is I who rule and I am an all-consuming fire, a fire of cleansing and will not tolerate your self-elevation any longer. Bend your knees, roll your back and fill your eyes with tears of repentance before I come and tear from you all that that you have built and reduce you to humble-rubble.

He who has an ear let him hear.


December 31st 2011         Jeremiah 21:14

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