For those who love to be 1st

And the Lord said to me:

The wind will drive all your shepherds away; shepherds of pride, shepherds of self-seeking, shepherds of glory-seeking and shepherds who presume upon Me will be no more.

I see your hearts and know your activity. You beg me to honor your work, I multiply your victories, but you stand before me (you don't kneel) and plead your case for Me to follow you when I have not called you to bear this fruit for me. I do not bear fruit for you.

Upon your shoulders are yokes you have placed there, burdens I have never asked you to carry as your feet tread paths I have not formed for you.

Repent of your self-will, your eager pride and feeding only yourselves in My name.

You who love to be first repent and believe.

He who has an ear let him hear.

12th August 2011     3 John 9, Jude 15, Jer 22:22a

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