Heaven's Wildfire

The God of light, the God of Love is also the God of lightning and an all consuming fire.

Among the paramours of this world, the dilettantes and the delights of sin His Holy Spirit is moving. Moving within and with-out His Church - the God of judgment is kindling a fire as yet unknown.

He is gathering the branches, cracking the sticks and accumulating the fodder for judgment.

Within Him are His pure intentions -- they remain. His desire to bless and not burden, build and not break has not changed because His love hasn't. The purity of His Person still won't tolerate the impurity of His Church and His world.

The God who is a consuming fire is kindling an all consuming fire. Injustice, immorality and ignorance, He is judging. The hard heart will become the scorched heart.

Those who dwell upon the lofty heights, who feel safe in their own efforts and who are resistant to all but their indulgent intentions, will see the fire run up the hillsides from the ravines. The flames of destruction will consume, they will be without escape.

The bear will no longer be safe in his cave, nor those who live on the lofty heights. No escape a possibility when the Lord almighty turms His attention to a purity that is eternal. No interruption can bring Him defeat, no effort quell the flames.

He who has an ear let him hear.

17th February 2011          Jeremiah 21:11-14



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