The Ancient Heights - B

And the good Lord said to me:

The ancient heights have gone from before you - O how your glory has waned, your crown has tilted and your gold gone dull.

I have this against you and your brothers, you have fallen from your heights and your skirts will be lifted. I can see you clearly, far clearer than you can ever see yourself. I have favored you, refined you, satisfied your longings with deep things and yet you haven't given Me either thanks or glory.

Your study has filled your knowledge and from My gift of success you have found pride. You are adorned as no scholar is and this world's scholars have rarely been. You have erected temples to worship Me in, lined with books and canopied with light. You have defended Me, debated for Me and even been mocked for Me. Your knees have been worn and your brow furrowed -- yet you have fallen from your ancient heights.

The study of Me has been replaced by study about Me. You pursue a third party knowledge about Me even written by men who don't know Me nor do I know them. You are diligent in this study but lacking in learning from Me. You refuse to hear Me and your zeal for Me has been replaced by zeal for academic approval. You have fallen from lofty heights. Your study has elevated your person to you and to this world but not in My eyes.

Consider Me as I call to you. Refuse Me no more, that I will not be forced to refuse you. Bend your knee yet again and I shall lift you, Bow your head and I shall stroke your hair with My outstretched hand. Climb to the ancient heights yet again by being low before Me and becoming low in your eyes too. This I have spoken three times now, there will be no more.

He who has an ear let him hear.

May 12th 2011             Ezekiel 36:2

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