The Unseen Christ.

Dawn had broken, but the early morning cool had not lifted. Unhurriedly he sat and prayed, knowing that very soon the pace of his day would change.
Silently a bare foot appeared, motionless at his window. The blind was down - approaching the floor, so the remainder of the visitor was unseen. This foot stood alone. There was no second one beside it. Neither good-will nor ill-will was indicated by this foot, only mystery.
This foot demonstrated no emotion and indicated no pain.
In an almost fearful stillness he sat, consumed, peering at the window and wondering what the foot would do.
He did not give even a minute's thought to opening the blind so as to reveal the foot's owner. This was advantageous because to see more would only bring him terror. There was in fact no more to see.
Many have come to the foot of the Cross. Many have refused to look up and expend any effort to grasp its meaning. Surely terror too would ensue for them if they did.
So many had approached the Cross, seen its foot, but ignored Him who was above and affixed on it. They had walked to the foot of the Cross, but would never grasp the suffering above it.
The foot of the Cross is not to be gazed upon - the owner of the Cross is.
(This short prophetic-parable first appeared as a Soul Snack on
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