Heaven pleads

And the Lord said to me:

I am about to set fire to you and it will consume all your works, your pride and your self-aggrandisement for I have this against you; children are ruined by your knowledge and emptied of faith, the flock scolded by your unforgiving pride and your accommodation of the world's ways to walk with Me, serve Me and to extend My kingdom.

I do not need your books, your academic excellence, your fine leadership and pure theology - I want your redeemed heart alone. A heart to sit and listen for and to My voice, a heart to cry in sin before Me and a heart to know the sadness of your neighbour.

I do not want your skills at oratory (a gift I did not give you), the glib prayers you promise nor the criticism of your brothers.

I want your heart and not your hands, I want your heart and not your head, I want your heart and not your help.

He who has an ear let him hear.

September 2011      Ezekiel 20:47-48

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