The Match of Cleansing

And the Lord said to me:

I will kindle a fire in your forests that will consume your activity for Me and reveal your true nakedness to you. You entered this world naked and can take nothing out of it. You stand before Me naked, your best deeds are as dirty rags. No works you do, can you bring to me as claims of godliness and fidelity - I know your heart. Naked you are before Me, exposed and even charred you are revealed. I have this against you, you make protests about your learnings, your skill with books and your grasp of things that are Mine alone to know. You boast of your busyness and claim righteousness yet when have you:

  • wept at your sin and the sins of others,
  • hungered and thirsted for righteousness for My names sake,
  • defended the poor and not despised the downtrodden,
  • sought justice and delivered mercy and
  • gained for yourelf by relinquishing all for me?

You have called man's reason 'wisdom' and forgotten to fear Me - oh man oh man I have all this against you - come before Me, fall before Me, humble yourself before Me that I may relent before I strike the match of your cleansing and destruction.

He who has an ear let hear.

October 7th 2011        Jer 21:4b

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