On Eagles' Wings - B

A spirit of judgement and a spirit of fire is moving upon God's peoples.

Swooping with the talons and strength of an eagle is God's rescue and judgement of His own. The eagle that delivers God's wrath also brings God's salvation. It plucks the righteous and targets the innocent for rescue from God's spirit of judgement and fire. They will be elevated above those in lofty position who are being brought low. The righteous and the innocent will see the play at faith and understand its hollowness.

The men of worldy depth and the knowledgeable each wade in the shallows of religion, confident in this self-correctness and aloof in response. Yet the humble sage witneses the eagle, interprets ts activity and is reviled by Chris's bride. They even seek to put him and his words to death.

Yet the spirit of judgement and fire prevails as His bride is prepared for the presence of the Groom.

He who has an ear, let him hear.

Isaiah 4:4b   27 February 2011

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