Heaven's Harbors

The trees of God's fields are for the resting of His eagles and sparrows alike.

God has raised lofty trees, a canopy of care to protect His own. In their leaves of well-being healing is found and in their substantial boughs safety is available.

The shelter of these trees spark delight in the birds, their inhabitants -- they chorus with a praise filled delight across the skies.

The lofty tree that produces many branches graces the Lord's goodwill upon His creation.

Yet, the lofty tree that fails to provide refuge for the eagle and sparrow alike will be severed by the axmen of God.

The tall tree that dominates the landscape, yet fails to protect God's birds will be replaced by small trees seeded well upon the fertile banks of God's River of Life.

God examines His forests, and pours over His bushland. God's axmen are at the ready, in fact the lofty trees are already being replaced by low ones and the large trees are being replaced by trees that are the least. The green trees are now withering and the dry sapling is now well watered.

God intends His trees to be harbors in the heavens and the safe havens of the skies. The trees that fail God is now felling. His ax is sharpened and active.

Ez 18:24/ Jn 7:37-38  ... August 21st 2010

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