The Fireplace of Cleansing - Part B


God's church is the kindling of judgment, it is the home of His cleansing reach out, first into Christendom and then into His world.

The Lord says:

The Prince of the Air is to be consumed in my Holy Spirit conflagration that begins with my family. My family is for the generational transmission of righteousness but they have not sought this.

Party spirit, pride, greed and worldly wisdom have encompassed my church. They have not stood with the poor. They have resisted correction, despised the prophet and failed to fall on their knees before me.

In just a short time I will ignite my kingdom, bringing many - yes countless to their knees - the dross I shall remove and only purity will remain. My righteousness I share, it is only what I am interested in. My righteousness seeds grace, mercy, goodwill and justice. It protects the innocent and cares for the poor. It does not seek itself, but is patient with the child, loving to the sinner and informs the ignorant who has an ear to listen.

Not only will my righteousness reap a harvest of peace from among my people, but it will set alight the proud, the ambitious, the immoral and the naysayers.

Those who attempt to foil my intentions I will foil - those who oppose me I will oppose, yet those who greet me I will beckon to.

Egypt was swept by the angel of death and other terrible plagues. I will plague my church until its knees are bent, its heart is rent and its back is straightened.

No longer will I tolerate denominations of self-perpetuation, the pursuit of immorality and the weakness of passion. The lukewarm heart will become the cold heart and the warmer heart I will heat with unbridled passion for me. My Holy Spirit's fire is arriving. This I have spoken. This I am doing. Those on their knees I will pass over, those erect I will burn like stubble. There is no longer any place for the academic of pride, the student of skill and the adopter of compromise within my people. I have aroused myself, I am active -- this is happening.

No longer will my bride be the hiding place of the resistant intellectual, a forum of disbelief or a place where my word is emptied. My word is ignored in this world, and dismissed by my church - no longer will I endure this. My bride, my body, is also my garden that I cherish and water. It is to be the home of belief, the place of peace and the library of truth. To he who has an ear let him hear - that I will do this. I have started by my cleansing spirit of fire.

Sept 4th 2010   Hebrews 12:28-29

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