The Ancient Heights -  A

And God said to me - prophesy to My people, to the ones I love and the ones I claim ...

I have this against you in your towers and in your strong-holds, the pride of your heart has replaced any passion for Me. The passion for pride has replaced love for your one and only Lord, this I will not tolerate. Come again to Me, do not be whitewashed anymore nor lukewarm. Come again to Me by fresh devotion with renewed humility and lift your holy hands again in worship.

The truths I called you from, taught you from and built you upon have been hidden. You are now deceived. In the position of peace, approval and reciprocal back-slapping you have gained an extravagant personal confidence as you walk far from Me. My shadow hardly falls upon you and in the arrogance of your heart you have established yourself as the gatekeepers of correct knowledge about Me. Oh - how you have failed. You teach knowledge but you do not teach faith. You can't teach faith for you don't know it nor do you live by it.

Return to Me My sons and daughters of learning - holy arms await, and are outstretched as wide as My heart is open. Repent of your pride, dismiss your success (which I gave you anyway) and forget the accolades, they are all of no value or consequence to Me. Fall on your knees, My hands will catch you and My ears will hear. Take My mantle upon you for humility weighs nothing while pride crushes forever.

It is this I have against you, this I know to be true, repent NOW for the Kingdom of God is at hand -- you have fallen from the ancient heights.

He who has an ear let him hear.


May 8th 2011         Ezekiel 36:2/ Mark 1:15

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