Stadium Saints - C ... The Soup-Kitchen

(Please read the brief Introduction if you are not familiar with the flow of this series.)

Cleverly Ritual now steps aside, but Pride remains. Ritual is replaced by his brother Good Works. They are really from the same family. Incense is not lit and bells are not rung. The pantomime has ceased and the supernatural engaged soon becomes the supernatural excluded.

With Ritual now absent and time not bound by Ritual, this ancient mausoleum to worship becomes refreshingly bright. Garlands are draped in secure places while worshippers rarely seen gather helpfully on the verdant forecourts. In fact even some of the passers-by stop and notice too. These seldom worshippers and faithful friends are well rewarded for their efforts with a resonating verbal approval. Approval not invited but certainly welcome.

The Groom, Himself unwatched, observes from the same distance He is always kept at, mindful not to disturb the comfort of those present and busy. Really, He is more aware that He is not welcome, and like so many other activities at this venue, He is not even invited.

Crafts were assembled with due care and appropriate diligence upon trestles that could have served Noah (at least they looked like it!) Great intentions and pleasant interchange marked these almost engaging events.

Silently, and as always unnoticed (except by The Groom and the observer) Ritual re-appears. Silently slipping amidst the craft cluttered tables.

Many continue to course by, vagrants and the wealthy alike, some even attracted to enquire and examine the nature of this regular event. Ritual is now fully engaged in the activities, he smiles mischievously across the hats and the thinning grey hair as he sees his brother, Good Works. No one sees their visual interchange except the observer and the Groom. Ritual is feeling very satisfied, again!

From His unassailable vantage point the spectator could see the buzz and hear the pleasant and gracious conversations. Avarice and Pride too are present but Ill Will, Bitterness and Resentment are notable by their absence at this function.

Food too is now being served. This brings special delight to the vagrants and some murmurings of disgust amidst the onlookers and passers-by. In fact the vagrants queue for this free food that fills hollow legs and bellies for a short but important time.

The Groom looks on with His face beaming, happy to see the needy well attended to, for He still loves them so much. The observer too sees with happiness these proceedings, but the observer too is sad for He sees that The Groom is uninvited. The Groom too burns with a consuming sadness, knowing He is not welcome, indeed not invited yet again!

Jer 7:11 July 15th 09

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