Assaulting the Divine

The world does not know the thoughts of the Lord yet it passes judgment on them.

In judgment the Lord will respond. He whose ways are not of the worlds and whose thoughts are deeper than mans' speeches can ever call to account says:

I have this against you, you neither honor Me nor acknowledge me, you will not bend your knee to Me. You harm Me, slander Me, plague Me with your sins and destroy Me with your disbelief. You malign My name, criticize My intentions and refuse to admit My actions. You hold no goodwill for Me, carry no milk of human kindness for Me and speak harshly of Me all the time.

Your judgments are wrong, you pleas are pollutant to my ears and you refuse to see my acts of creation, love and grace. You turn your back on goodness, righteousness and grace. You shake your fists at Me in times of trouble and distress. You raise your eyes heavenward in poisonous pride instead of hanging your head in purifying humility. I will take this no more. Wars and plagues, earthquakes and floods; famines and poverty are being poured across this earth's face now - yet who will listen, who will hear? Where is the humble sage who understands?

I have all this against you. Take me to court, make a case against Me and see if there is one greater than I who will judge.

In your attempts at divine assault I do bruise, I do bleed and I still bless.

O how long until you look up to Me by looking down before Me. The humble are spared wrath and the poor in spirit are spared judgment.

He who has an ear let him hear - I have spoken.

26th March 2011                Micah 4:12

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