Lazy Grazing

And the good Lord said to me:

You feed yourself on good pasture, you eat the delightful and sweet fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil while also building yourself up in your own eyes and elevating yourself in the eyes of your brothers.

The richest of fare is your diet, your soul is fed and your body is watered - yet this I have against you; you have denied My body - THE BODY the riches of justice, righteousness and mercy. These have not been shared or found in you. Under your own mantle of self-protection, under the shadow of this mantle your pride has multiplied and you have failed in promoting knowledge of Me.

You have not treated others at my wedding reception as I have treated you. You have not held them in your arms, caressed their souls with words of comfort or sought to repair their brokenness. In fact in your own pharisaic legalism you have unheeded the wounds of the broken and further damaged the distressed.

This is my call to drive you to your knees that you may look up, look down, look right, look left, look inside and look outside that you may see My heart as you see the breadth of My activity. No longer plead with me to get behind what you are doing, for I now plead with you to get behind what I am doing.

I am The Son who walked on earth but still works on earth; humble yourself before me, kneel down before I will tear you down.

He who has an ear let him hear.

May 9th 011           Ezekiel 34:18

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