Stadium Saints - F ... The Angered Observer

(Please read the brief Introduction if you are not familiar with the flow of this series.)

Behind Him the Groom now heard the hustle of good cheer that indicated a festivity.

The mausoleum to worship was abuzz with action. Those few who had gathered were erecting banners to celebrate unrighteousness and approve of the world's ways in the name of Christ's worship. Soon this sin would be celebrated within the mausoleum, as the banners to immorality proclaimed.

Sinful behaviour in the name of those slippery word acceptance & tolerance were approved of by those who carried His name, but really did not know Him. In fact, wisely the Groom knew that such sin would very soon be elevated to leadership.

Acceptance of this sin that so utterly undermined His Cross released bellow for righteousness --"Forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing" was now being applauded and welcomed.

The Groom's chest was aflame as His body burned with the memories of the nails and His heart grieved from the fact of His Father's rejection. It felt such a short time ago to Him.

Still standing with His back to the mausoleum to worship, His soul screamed out afresh for the Father's forgiveness as It had done two millennia previously. His blood had been spilled so that His life and His follower's lives would spell 'righteousness'.

Before His eyes His death was dismissed and His righteousness rejected. The searing pain of His nail torn flesh coursed through His entire being anew.

His eyes wept torrents as His tormented heart bled.

The heart of heaven was now again being torn from earth. But, it was not simply the pain of piercing but rather the renewed pain of religious rejection that consumed Him now.

As always the observer remained unseen, the festivities grew and the Groom was still ignored.

No longer could the observer watch. His Son rejected, His word refused and He Himself unseen.

17 March 2010/ 20th April 2010. 1 Peter 4:17a



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