The Bride's Worship

The educated are ill-informed and the poor are well-informed. Those who are taught by the Spirit of Truth are to lead this world, teach this world and demonstrate humility to a world without it.

The Bride of Christ is not clothed in humility, and is adorned by the Tree of Knowledge. The accolades of academia hang shining, gathering light and commanding attention. Christs' Bride reflects the image of man and does not mirror the image of Christ.

The broken, the beaten and the burdened man of Calvary, who suffered for His Bride has been replaced by  sanitary concession and a careful Christ who causes no offences, resists stooping to the difficult and places worship behind work.

The ill-defined message flowing from the pulpits and bleeding the saints of life, calls for a faith of works that replaces worship. Devotion is replaced by duty and grace with guilt.

The whip on the pew dweller seizes each moment and permits no release. His Bride exhausts the time of His brides never permitting the devotions of delight that would promote a relationship with the Groom.

Christ's Bride has become consumed with work when all He wants is worship.

Christ's Bride is devoted to programs when all He wants is prayers.

Christ's Bride binds the brides when all He wants is to release them.


September 4th 2010  John 4:23-24, Revelation 22:9

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