The Tower of Axioms

In a post enlightenment reaction, contemporary evangelical Christianity bastions its strongholds of beliefs as the Pharisees did to Jesus. They retreat into the tower of the givens, the accepted axioms of a reformation Christian perpetuity. This then fortifies the defences against fresh intellectual and spiritual challenges.

Yet to retreat into a Tower of Axioms is no victory, or even forward movement. Waging the battle is not fought by retreat but advance, defence must become offense. The helmet of salvation must be worn, and being girded by the belt of truth advance can then be made.

The Word of Truth is taught by the Spirit of Truth. Without the Spirit of Truth the Word of Truth cannot be apprehended. In the absence of the Spirit's guidance The Word is only misunderstood, misapplied and never illumined. It is then that advance is replaced by retreat, and human reason replaces boldness. Retreat becomes the only rational alternative. The calls to faith cannot be heard.

Within the Tower of Axioms the truth becomes hidden, and the Son is shaded. A truth hidden is a truth ignored and even refused. To wage the conflict between contemporary carnal and spiritual thinking, suppositions must be released in repentance at the foot of the Cross. Retreat is never to be countenanced, and Jesus alone sought as the General.

There is no divinely appointed third-party General for the battle of this day named Academic Acumen or Theological Excellence. There is no human General who sets the battle lines, plans the strategies or harnesses the troops - there is only the Spirit of Truth. (Matthew 10:19-20)

To a Christian generation that wallows in indulgence, lives for its self-honored rituals and retreats to ivory towers of learning the trumpet sounds abound as He commands:

Return to the man on the Cross; lift your heart to feel His pain for your sin which you still proudly indulge. Lift your eyes and witness His flowing blood for your forgiveness. Know His truth, for in Him alone there is life, victory and eternity.

The hallowed halls of study have promoted pride, third party faith, and created fortresses of the mind. Dismantle these in My name, leave them behind you, pass through their gates, dress for the battle, and then lift the Sword of the Spirit. This is so My name may be honored above your name, My thoughts above your thoughts, and My death above your qualifications.

Find My freedom of release and My truth will no longer be hidden, but liberated to shine as the beacon it is. On your knees fight the good fight and become the champion of truth today, that I equipped you to be. Rise up, go forth, speak loudly and know no fear for I am with you, My angels and My spirit are your vanguard - you are mine. Become a truth champion for Me. It is on your knees that I make you.

Matthew 10:19-20/John 5:39-40                                   October 13th 2010/April 4th 2011

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