The End has Begun

God's people, His elect, His remnant still lay in ruins. They are unprotected, assailed on every side and scattered. They know neither peace nor safety.

He says:

My heart goes out to them again and again. I will resurrect and repair them, refresh them and they will rejoice. Wolves I will keep at bay and the weeds I will poison. My angels are active now giving my people a security to enjoy and a peace to bless.

My people have too long been the object of dishonor, while those dishonorable find honor. My people are still the brunt of brutality, lies and mischief -- they are singled out for ill will and harm. Few believe well of them BUT I do!

As in the days of Egypt I have heard their pleas, seen their distress and cried myself with their pain. This is to be no more. I have raised myself for my honor and their justice. Righteousness will rule. The greedy, the lustful, the self-indulgent and the self-ignorant will be no more. No more will those who are deceived be able to harm my people and call them liars.

Today is the day of MY time, MY moving and MY activity. I will act on behalf of Mine alone. There will be well-being for My warriors, majesty for My maidens and grace for all My children. Look for My hand, look for My work. It is happening NOW in the Middle East with the toppling of evil, and will soon ignite the world. I have acted, I have spoken. This is all for the well-being of My own people alone.

7th March 011 - Neh 1 & 2

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