The Lost and the Lame

And the Lord said to me:

I will gather the lame and love the lost.

My name will be on their foreheads. Because of My name they will receive honor where they have received dishonor.

In My name I will raise up a mighty army of the world's refuse and humiliated. I will show them things they have never witnessed before. They will do things that the honored of this world will grasp at.

The lost and the lame will pant but not grow weary. Upon their shoulders My mantle will ride. They will know how to deliver justice for this they have not received.

Each will learn how to love for this has been absent from their lives. They will shine My mercy to this world. Mercy they have not known, but ill-will they have. The lost and the lame hunger for love with an undying thirst.

The lost and the lame will cry out to Me and I will hear. I shall assemble them as a canopy of prophets who will bear My name and bring Me honor. My spirit's power will be upon them.

This I have spoken - he who has an ear let him hear.

16th June 2011        Micah 4:6-7

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