The Battlefield of Faith

The noise of the battle is within the land.

Raise your swords, lift your arms, I am moving, declares the Lord of hosts.

As darkness spreads across the land and terrifies those on earth, as darkness fills with fear and has its own rule, as darkness stands no correction, rebuke or counsel it is seeded in My judgement.

Oh you Christians of this world examine what is happening; the evil hoardes of Islam canopy their women in darkness, capture their children to fight and demand on threat of death all to bend the knee to their false god and their own legislation.

Christians do not be deceived, do not dally with the devil. The battle for your heart is fought only on the field of faith, it is waged upon your soul and spirit. Stand up for light, call darkness out for what it is but do not submit, entertain, approve or co-operate with darkness; to do so will cost your soul.

This I have spoken. He who has an ear let him hear - the battle is on.

July 12th 2011           Jeremiah 50:22

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