Titanic Trouble

The ship leaned listlessly, literally dying in the water. It had been scoured fatally by an unseen nemesis. Its fate was secured. Time and life boats were the only impediment to immediate personal death. Time would soon pass and the life boats were always insufficient. Ignorantly the band played on. Those in comfort had no interest to receive the truth that this unsinkable ship was now engaged in the unthinkable.

In steerage and in the engine rooms those without comfort and those without honor literally witnessed the in-pouring of the numbing North Atlantic. Their testimony held the truth. The designer and creator of this British behemoth also saw and knew the terrifying deathly peril that was simply imminent.

As he spread the word in his last two hours of life, those in comfort and those in luxury would neither listen to him nor to those below them. Comfort undisturbed is the default invitation to death.

As the liner broke and slid beneath the waves so too did hundreds of lives and families. Comfort in the present had precluded commitment to the present truth.

God's contemporary church too is seated in a dis-believing comfort. The lethargy of theology, the smugness of correctness, the absence of justice and the honor of a third party faith eloquently delivered by a skilled student of theology have excluded the Spirit of Truth.

The exchange of the Spirit of Truth for the spirit of man's knowledge has brought a proud shipwreck to God's church, Christ's bride. What began as innocent information has morphed into an unseen destruction. The iceberg of correct knowledge has rent asunder the ship of Jesus' church and is drowning the guests

The pillars of faith have blindly been replaced by the columns of sight and the heart remains unconvinced.

His church is sinking through this slicing collision with the ice-berg of knowledge named Pride.

Unseen, the life-boats are commanded by the Spirit of Truth.

Aug 10th 2010 ... Jn 16:12

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